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Foreks Real Estate Valuation and Consulting Corporation
   Within the scope of applicable laws; independently and objectics, real estate projects, machineries, equipments and rights and benefits belonging to the real estates at a certain date. Our expertise staff had worked for banks and municipalities for years and is experienced on appraisal of machinery, equipment, factory and agricultural facilities.
  Our Goal: To become a pioneer, innovative and example company in real estate appraisal business in a short time
Our Company;
   To provide independent, objective, institutional service with the social responsibility motto in mind, in compliance with the rules and provisions of Capital Markets Board (CMB), International Appraisal Standards (IAS) and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA).
   Pursuant to the Decision of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency(Agency) dated 07.04.2011 and numbered 4150, based on Article 11 of (he Legislation on the Authorization and Operations of Institutions Providing Services to Banks, it is deemed proper to grant your Company the power to provide the service of "appraisal of real estates, real estate projects or the rights and interests upon a real estate" to banks.
   You have applied to our Board via your related letter to be added to the list of companies providing appraisement service within the scope of VIII serial, 35 numbered Capital Market Legislation Concerning the Companies to Provide Appraisement Services and the Communique of Principals for Adding These Companies to the List.